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Dear Neighbor:

I'm Pat Higgins and I am proud to have represented you on the Anchorage School Board the past six years and would appreciate your vote April 1. When I ran six years ago, I stressed the importance of Career Technology Education, reducing the drop-out rate, increasing the graduation rate, and making sure every tax dollar is well spent. A lot has happened in six years!

  • Career Technology Education (CTE) is back! I have been the Board leader on expanding CTE and the public has voted for two bonds devoted to CTE in middle and high schools.
  • Administration Costs are down. The percentage of the budget spent on administration has gone done every year while I have been on the board.
  • Drop-out Rate has declined from 5.10 to 3.59 percent.
  • Graduation Rate has increased from 63.02 to 76.2 percent. If you count those who graduate in their fifth year the graduation rate increases to 79.6%. We are on schedule to graduate 90% by 2020!

But more is coming! Board directives I initiated and the Board adopted unanimously include a program to track academic achievement annually for every student. Parents, teachers, and the Board need to know what is and is not working in our classrooms.

The Board is changing. Five of the seven Board Members are in their first term. Three of those Board Members joined the Board last year. Staying the new course will require experienced Board Members committed to building up our schools, not tearing them down.

I'd appreciate your vote on April 1st. If you would like a street sign or would like to discuss any school issues, e-mail me at or call me at 907-952-5871. Please download the Pat Higgins for School Board poster from and place in your car or home window.

Together, we can achieve great things for our children. Thank you!